Due to the coronavirus pandemic many therapy services have moved from face to face therapy to secure online therapy. I currently offer psychotherapy & counselling via Zoom video conferencing technology and hope to return to face to face at the earliest opportunity. Although counselling and psychotherapy is traditionally delivered in person within a clinic setting, successful therapy can just as successfully be delivered using videoconferencing technology.

Online counselling may suit you if:

  • You have mobility or other difficulties which make it hard for you to get out of the house
  • You feel nervous or embarrassed about sharing some of your thoughts and feelings face-to-face
  • You feel more confident expressing yourself in text
  • You would like an ongoing written record of your conversation with your counsellor so that you can reflect on it after the session
  • You need greater flexibility and prefer to arrange sessions at a time and place that suit you
  • You are not sure about counselling and want to see what it's like before committing to face-to-face work
  • You live abroad and cannot access counselling in English
  • You would benefit from additional counselling as a supplement to face-to-face work
  • You don't want to be on a waiting list

Online therapy can be convenient. It obviates the need for travel, can enable flexible appointments at short notice, can be conducted from any location with suitable network coverage, and enables you to continue therapy even when you are unable to physically leave your home. However, before agreeing to proceed with online therapy you might consider the following:

  • Do you currently feel able to discuss what might be a difficult or emotionally troubling issue with a therapist via the telephone or a video link?
  • Do you have a place, or time in your home, when you can be alone and feel able to talk without being overheard or interrupted for 50 minutes?
  • Do you have access to suitable technology, a computer or laptop, tablet or smartphone that you are able to use?
  • Do you have broadband, Wi-Fi, good mobile network coverage, or a land line telephone available to you?
  • Do you have headphones or earphones that can be used with your computer or smartphone?
  • Should you need physical assistance during your therapy session is there anyone nearby that the therapist could call to assist you?
  • If you are uncertain about how to answer any of the above questions please contact me with your concerns before booking an appointment.

Getting started

If you would like to discuss booking an online psychotherapy & counselling appointment get in touch.